Your temperament affects your health

Discover your temperament to start living a healthy lifestyle

What is temperament?

Temperament is what defines each of us as a unique person; and is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes.

There is a definitive relationship between a person’s temperament and the predisposition to illnesses, especially chronic conditions


The four temperament types

Although each person is unique and individual; we can categorise people into four main temperamental types:

Melancholic people tend to be:
  • logical, analytical & detail-oriented
  • deep thinkers & feelers
  • introverted & very private
  • perfectionistic
  • very suspicious and cautious of new environments
  • more anxious and worry-prone
  • high-guilt individuals that rarely live in the present
Phlegmatic people tend to be:
  • relaxed, peaceful & quiet
  • accommodating & easy-going
  • good listeners
  • empathetic & care about others, yet they try to hide emotions
  • stick closely to routine & resist change
  • introverted but will frequently work together with others to achieve a common goal
Bilious people tend to be:
  • extroverted & confident
  • independent
  • decisive & strong-willed
  • natural leaders
  • goal-oriented & ambitious
  • assertive & direct
  • practical & realistic
Sanguine people tend to be:
  • highly talkative & enthusiastic
  • active & social
  • the most versatile of all the temperaments
  • more extroverted and enjoy being part of a crowd
  • social, outgoing & charismatic
  • engage in more risk-seeking behaviour
  • highly emotive & honest about what they think & feel
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