Immune System

Immunity is defined as the ability of the body to resist and overcome infection or disease. The body has an amazing capability to protect itself and this system is known as the immune system. The activity of the immune system is continuous as our bodies are always under attack. The immune system detects a wide variety of agents that are harmful to the body, distinguishes them from the body’s healthy cells and tissues, and eliminates them. Our immune system consists of various proteins, cells, organs and tissues that form a dynamic protective network. There are two main components of the immune system, and each has a specific function – nonspecific or innate immunity, and specific or adaptive immunity.

Nonspecific immunity

  • Is present from birth
  • Responds to anything foreign
  • Exposure leads to maximum response

Specific immunity

  • Develops over time
  • Only responds to what it has learnt to respond to
  • There is a time delay between exposure and
  • maximal response
  • Develops a memory


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