Baby’s best friend

Supports digestion
Improves appetite
Eases colic
Child & baby friendly

The pharmacological action of Bonny-care is based on the Unani-Tibb philosophy.


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Syrup 100ml


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Your little one might be telling you they’ve got tummy pains if they show one or more of these signs:

  • Acts fussy or grumpy
  • Doesn’t sleep or eat
  • Cries more than usual
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Trouble being still (squirming or tensing up muscles)
  • Makes faces that show pain (squeezing eyes shut, grimacing)

Stomach aches are common for kids. Luckily, they’re not usually caused by anything serious. They can be painful, though, so it’s good to have soothing strategies on hand.

Gas discomfort upsets almost every baby to some degree and it affects both breast-fed and bottle-fed babies. While gas pain is common and can afflict a child at any age, it is particularly bothersome in newborns and young infants between one and four months of age, as their immature guts are developing. Furthermore, some babies seem to suffer more than others due to inborn and environmental factors.

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Each 5 ml syrup contains extracts of:

Tinospora cordifolia

Emblica officinalis

Capparis spinosa

Piper longum

Foeniculum vulgare

Cichorium intybus

Cassia occidentalis

Terminalia chebula

Elettaria cardamomum

Glycyrhiza glabra

Anethum graveolons

   1 mg

0,5 mg

0,5 mg

0,5 mg

1 mg

0,5 mg

0,5 mg

0,5 mg

0,5 mg

0,5 mg

0,0018 ml


Contains Sugar: Sucrose 1750 mg


Bronopol                       0,03 % m/v

Methylparaben              0,23 % m/v

Propyl paraben              0,03 % m/v


Excipients: Cetamacrogol 1000, glycerine and purified water



UP TO 1 MONTH: 1,25 ml to 2,5 ml, three times daily.

1 TO 6 MONTHS: 2,5 ml to 5 ml, three times daily.         

6 MONTHS TO 2 YEARS: 5 ml to 10 ml, three times daily.

2 YEARS AND OLDER: 10 ml to 15 ml, three times daily.

This product is generally recommended for the Melancholic temperament

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