About Tibb Health Sciences

The Four Pillars of Tibb


Physis is our powerful and natural tendency towards self-healing. Physis is our vital force, the general governor or administrator of our body, maintaining equilibrium or homeostasis. Tibb’s philosophy is to aid and work with Physis.


Humours are represented by our body fluids, which confer the different qualities in our body. They are present in unique ratios, linked to our specific temperament and can be classified as Hot, Cold, Moist and Dry.

Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle factors refer to the way we live. In Tibb, they include the food and drink we consume, the air we breathe, the exercise we take, the quality of our sleep, the state of our emotions and the elimination of toxins.


Temperament is what defines each of us as a unique person; and is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes. There is a definitive relationship between a person’s temperament and the predisposition to illnesses, especially chronic conditions.

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How Tibb Treatment Works

Treatment in Tibb includes preventative and curative measures aimed at restoring and maintaining health by recognising the body’s self-healing capabilities.
Tibb treats every person and all illness conditions, chronic and acute, with a number of highly effective and practical treatments. These include Lifestyle Modifications, Counselling, Regimental and Eliminative Therapies and Pharmacotherapy – the Tibb range of natural medication.

Tibb Herbals

natural, highly effective polyherbal complexes for the whole family
uniquely & scientifically formulated with responsibly-harvested herbs
can be used on their own, to supplement prescribed allopathic medication

Disclaimer: The information contained within this therapuetic guide should in no way be considered as a substitute to a consultation with a healthcare professional. More specifically, if you are on prescribed conventional (allopathic) medication for serious conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or asthma; do not discontinue this conventional medication without consulting your practitioner. Warning: Discontinue use if sensititvity to any of the ingredients develops.

Tibb Philosophy & History

  • Tibb is a traditional and complete healing system with a rich history that dates back well over 3000 years.
  • Tibb, an Arabic word meaning ‘Medicine’, is focused on health empowerment so that every person can take responsibility for their own wellbeing; especially regarding their lifestyle choices.
  • Tibb considers every individual as unique and recognises the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions of health maintenance and disease management.
  • Tibb believes that we all have the right to good health and that healing comes from within.
  • Tibb aims to keep people healthy, and treat those who fall ill, effectively and holistically.