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In a country with a history as colourful as ours, Tibb has been inspired to nurture the human spirit – one body, one person and one nation at a time. At Tibb we are perfectly poised to meet the health and wellness needs of a variety of people.

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about ethically sourcing active ingredients which are a cut above the rest and manufacturing them with great care because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. At Tibb, we care deeply about improving the lives of people who use our products – healthcare professionals, pharmacists and patients alike. Therefore, our work is never done.

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Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb

The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb, was established to promote the practice and training of Tibb in South Africa. Tibb also known as Unani-Tibb is a system of medicine that recognizes the right for everyone to be healthy. Having journeyed through a rich history, Tibb enjoys all the benefits of being tested through the ages. It is a comprehensive healing system based on scientific data that takes every aspect of the individual into account. Its philosophy is an assimilation of the thoughts of Hippocrates the 'father' of western medicine, Galen, and Ibn Sina.

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